Want to Career in an Import-Export Company? Here are the tips


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, All countries in the world carry out export-import trading activities to meet their individual needs, both for food, clothing, electronics and for war, and others. The quality of human resources, geographical location and climate greatly influence the volume of exports and imports in a country.

Of course, this export activity is not only limited to the country as the culprit, but also society in general. Entrepreneurs who want their products to go international can also take part in this world trade activity.

So that understanding of export-import is increasing, especially for those of you who want to pursue a career in the company as quoted from Cermati.com:

1. Know what the import-export industry is

Export is the activity of shipping goods abroad which aims to sell an item. While imports are activities to bring in goods from abroad to be consumed domestically.

The process of sending and moving goods in export and import activities must comply with the laws and regulations in the destination country. Although the mechanism of export and import is very complex, this industry always has promising prospects going forward.

2. Understand how important this import-export industry is

Behind export and import activities, of course there is a goal to be achieved. The goal is not only to meet the needs, but also to introduce new products, expand marketing, grow jobs and of course get abundant profits.

Without export and import activities, a country will not be able to meet its own needs. That is the reason why import export activities play an important role in advancing a country.

3. Equip yourself with the ability to negotiate well

To reach an agreement between the two parties, you need to negotiate with the client. Negotiated things are usually in the form of prices, shipping mechanisms and product payment mechanisms.

Negotiation capabilities will help you to expand product distribution and meet production needs. For those who have difficulty in negotiating, they should practice a lot so that the negotiation skills are getting sharper.

4. Master foreign language skills

If you want to compete in the international market you must be able to master a foreign language, especially English. Foreign language skills are needed in the entire series of exports and imports, such as negotiation and delivery.

Information related to international trade, including trends in the community will be presented in articles or English content. For those who are already proficient in English, they should master other languages ​​such as Mandarin and others.

5. Understand the shipping terms

Each country has its own trading rules. In Indonesia alone, the government prohibits the trading of sharp weapons or explosives, except for state needs. In addition to goods traded, there are also important documents that must be completed.

Some of the documents needed when exporting are packing lists, COOs, COAs, aerobiles and so on. If one document is incomplete, export activities must be canceled.

6. Able to analyze market requirements

Every entrepreneur needs to equip himself with market analysis skills because the production goals are nothing but to meet consumer needs. Communities in each country have different tastes.

For example, people in Indonesia prefer closed clothing to protect the skin from UV rays, while in America prefer open clothes or crop tops. Fulfillment of market needs can increase sales turnover. Therefore, understand the trends in society and diligently read articles or news related to the development of trade in the world.

7. Pack the goods as best as possible

Some entrepreneurs often ignore the packaging of a product. Though packaging can increase the selling price of goods. In addition, packaging is also able to protect products from air or land transportation mode shocks so that the product remains intact.

Pack the best product possible in a unique packaging, especially if the product wants to be shipped abroad. Choose quality materials or packaging materials to prevent damage to goods during shipping.

Achieve success in a career in the desired field

Engaging in the world of exports and imports brings many benefits. But remember, each job has its own advantages and disadvantages. Understand the ins and outs of your desired career so that you are able to face the challenges of increasingly complex work.

Source: https://www.republika.co.id/berita/gaya-hidup/tips/18/12/22/pk59pl423-ingin-berkarier-di-perusahaan-eksporunggu-ini-tips

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